Weddings at The Church of immaculate Conception


The first thing a couple to do is to book the Church they wish to marry in and ensure they have a Priest who has agreed to marry them.

  • Attend a Marriage Preparation Course (Accord)
  • Meet with local registrar to get Notice of Marriage form ( see Civil Requirement)
  • Complete Pre-Nuptial Form/s with your local Priest (see below)
  • Collect marriage schedule from registrar before wedding and return it afterwards.


Civil Requirments in Northern Ireland

  • The couple must give a maximum of 1 year (but not less than a minimum of 14 days' notice of their intention to marry)
  • Notice of Marriage Form
  • They must approach the local registrar to obtain a Notice of Marriage Form (1 for each party)
  • Bring at least 1 Notice of Marriage Forms to the Priest for signature.
  • Return signed forms to the local Registrar

Marriage schedule

One of the parties must collect the Marriage Schedule (the document which is signed on the day of the marriage) from the registrar's office. This schedule cannot be issued more than 14 days before the marriage. Bring the Marriage schedule to the priest of the Parish where the marriage is to take place before the day of the wedding. No marriage can take place without this schedule. Return the signed Marriage Schedule to the registrar within 3 days of wedding.

Pre-Nupitial Enquiry Form

Must be completed by your local Priest for each party. The form records when you were baptised and confirmed that you are free to marry.

Documents needed

  • A baptismal certificate issued within 6 months of the marriage from the parish of Baptism
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Proof of Freedom to Marry (see below)
  • Marriage Preparation Certificate
  • Proof of Freedom to Marry

This can be established through the traditional letters of freedom from each of the Parishes the person has lived in for 6 month or more since he/she was 18 years of age. Or they can ask a parent or somebody who has known them all their lives to write a letter stating their relationship to them and to the best of their knowledge they have never been married.

Pre-Nupitial Enquiry Form

As part of the pastoral care of the church for you as an engaged person you will each complete a Pre-Nupital Enquiry form with your local Priest. The form records when you were baptised and confirmed, and that you are free to marry and helps identify any special permission/dispensation you might need. It also affirms that you understand the nature of marriage and accept the duties and responsibilities of married life. The individually completed forms of the bride and groom are sent to the Parish Priest of the Church where the wedding is taking place and after the wedding the forms are kept in the Parish Archive.