Safeguarding Statement

A new child safeguarding committee has been established in Galloon Parish.  The Committee Members are:  Fr. Kevin Malcolmson, Stella Mulligan, Majella McDonnell, Siobhán McDaid and Colum Courtney.  The committee has completed an audit of child safeguarding practices in the parish and this has been submitted to the Diocesan Office.  Our members have undergone specialist training and vetting.  The Parish of Galloon adheres to the best practice policies and procedures as laid down by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.  Please see Church notice boards for more details.  If you have a concern about the wellbeing of a child who is involved in parish activities you can contact our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) Stella Mulligan on 028 6773 7935.  Thank you to everyone involved for ensuring that our parish is a place where children and young people are safe, valued and respected.

Fr. Kevin.